Fred: Funny, or not so much? That depends.

Fred-freaks-out Fred Figglehorn. Know who he is?  If you’re 12, you do.  If you’re 10, you do.  If you watch iCarly, you do.  But especially if you spend any time at all on YouTube, you do!

Fred is a freaked-out 6-year-old, who’s always… freaking out… about everything.  Like  cabbages.  He protects the neighborhood squirrels, and he hates Kevin, a kid that goes to his school….  Fred is also a character created and portrayed by 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank in a homemade YouTube video, that’s turned into hundreds of YouTube videos… and made this kid a celebrity.  He does TV now, makes public appearances, and has an agent!

Sillycooper’s edit: I think Fred is one of the best comedians on YouTube. He is the number one most subscribed YouTube channel of all time, and has several other honors. All of his videos on YouTube have millions of views, and he also gets about 300,000 comments a DAY. He also will comment your channel if you are lucky. I hope he comments on my channel someday. He also accepts any friend invites that he gets, so invite him! You can watch his videos at

Get the Fred shirt at:

Mom:  Silly got a Fred shirt from Fred’s website.  He doesn’t like to wear it to school, though.  Apparently Fred’s sort of a controversial comedian among middle schoolers.

Silly:  I think the shirt’s pretty cool.  And it’s comfortable too.

Mom:  So why don’t you want to wear it to school?

Silly:  Some people at school don’t think Fred is funny.  They think he’s dumb.  A few people liked it when I wore it to school.  They said, “Luck-y!”  But some people say it’s dumb.  So I’ll just wear it at home.

Personally, I think S.Coop should be able to be comfortable enough with himself to wear whatever he likes, but then again I know how middle school kids can be….


Fred's not all that funnyAnyway,  I sat with Silly and watched some of Fred’s vids today, and… I was laughing!  (OK, I was LOL-ing).  Until today, I had only watched a few seconds’ worth here and there, and the iCarly episode where Fred (Lucas) guest-starred.  Like iCarly’s Freddie, I had never seen what was so funny about Fred either.  In fact, I have this piece of flair on my corkboard on Facebook (right):

Also, a small percentage of what Fred does is not entirely appropriate, but unless you have a tweener who is extremely sheltered, or on the young side emotionally, there’s nothing there that should make you stop your kids from watching.  In fact, here, for your enjoyment, is the episode where Fred rescues the neighborhood squirrels.  Just so you understand the enormity of this kid, this video has over 6,700,000 views (yes that’s 6 MILLION), and over 62,000 comments.  What do you think?  What do your kids think?  Funny, or not so much?  Leave your comments below!

Fred with the iCarly kids

Fred with the iCarly kids

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