We Whip Our Hair Back and Forth

I just saw Willow Smith’s video “Whip My Hair” for the first time.  And I’d like to say: I whip my hair back and forth too.  At least in my mind I do!

Peach and I were just watching the video together, and I think she thought I was going to hate it, or think it was weird or something…

Peach:  Like you hate MOST music!

Mom:  No I don’t!

Peach: Now you do!  Like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha…

[Mom:  At least I knew to put the dollar sign in “Ke$ha”!]

Anyway!  I happened to like it!  I think it’s amazing that she has such presence at – what, NINE years old??  But she is Will Smith’s daughter!  (And the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith’s as well…)

I don’t like rap, and I never will, but I do like the message of this song, which I think is: be yourself; don’t let haters get to you – just whip your hair back and forth!

Peach just got back from visiting her best friend in Atlanta for a few days before Xmas, and they whipped their hair back and forth quite a bit!  And had to stand all the way across the room from each other to do it….

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