Two Scoops is written from two perspectives, a mom and her tweener kids.


Tweener  \ˈtwē-nər\  noun.  A kid between the ages of 7 and 12; no longer a “little kid” but not yet a teenager – in-beTWEEN.

WhitePineLaneKnown online as WhitePineLane, this mom is in her forties and loves to be involved in all the things her kids do.  WhitePineLane writes another blog, The View from White Pine Lane, which is more about her own interests, and she’s also a Giant Squid Lensmaster over at Squidoo, where she has a lot of lenses about tweeners!  WhitePineLane is a long-time eBay store owner, and a social media fanatic.

The Tweeners

PopStarPeaches, an 11-year-old girl, is a kid with boundless energy who dances through every day and loves life.  She is also a Squidoo Lensmaster!  Peach takes dance (fourth year of Irish step dance, second year of Jazz), plays guitar, plays tennis, and is a Girl Scout.

sillycooper, a 12-year-old boy, is more interested in his own blog  (sometimes known as Silly’s Igloo) than this one, but we hope to get him to chime in once in a while.  Silly makes videos, and has quite the large and loyal following on his YouTube channel!

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