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We LOVE Taylor Swift, and have been to two of her concerts! Although both concerts were in the Fearless tour, and were nearly identical, it was just as entertaining the second time around. She’s a spectacular showperson!

We’re both really looking forward to the new album, and naturally we’ve already pre-ordered ours! Get in on it quick while you can still get these fun Taylor-made packages that go with the CD. Here’s the link again: Lauren’s Taylor Shop


New Duet for Miley and Nick – Are They Back Together?

Miley and Nick

A few days ago, I caught an interesting tweet from Miley Cyrus and retweeted it here; Miley said she and Nick J. were “in a dark theater ‘writing’ a song together”.

Yesterday, pictures of Miley and Nick Jonas from a video shoot, and a new duet by the former couple that’s been leaked on YouTube, make it look as though they are back together! Is it all publicity or is it real? (They are an adorable couple, and if you listened to Miley’s last album, you know she wasn’t over him!)

The YouTube vid (it’s actually just audio) link is below.  Listen to it then post your thoughts in the comments.  Back together or just publicity, what do you think?  Do you even care?  Here’s what we think:

Mom:  I hope it’s real (but I’m a romantic!).  I think you’ve been able to hear their pain in their songs, and maybe these two cuties belong together!  As for the song, I’m not crazy about it.  It’s OK.  I’m more “interested” in what it says and what it means than “into” the song itself.


I personally don’t care for these two. I really don’t watch disney so I don’t know much about them.


I dunno.  Maybe they are.  I like the song, but I don’t know.  I really like Miley, and the Jonas Brothers– we saw them in concert, and they were all awesome!


Will you buy the song when it comes out?


Yeah, I would.  Whose CD would it be on?

We’ll have to wait and see.  Both for the CD, and about Miley and Nick!  Fingers crossed!

Update: Miley and Nick’s duet is featured on the Jonas Brothers’ new CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, to be released next week. Pre-order here: Lines, Vines and Trying Times