We’re serving up… how about two scoops?

two-scoops-square-logoWelcome to our brand new blog, Two Scoops, where you will get the scoop on all things tweener – from two perspectives: a mom and her kids!  Tweeners are kids at that “in between” age – I put it from about 7 to 12.  They’re not little kids anymore, but they’re not teenagers either.  They’ve got their own issues and their own ideas – and their own opinions on everything!

You’ve probably seen a review of a kids’ book or movie by an adult, and wondered, “But what do kids really think of it?”  Or you might hear from one of your kids’ friends how great something is, and you wish you could hear about it from the kid’s parent to get an adult perspective.  Here, we’ll give you both.  We’re going to make an effort to “review all we do,” and that means everything from the latest Harry Potter movie, to a new pair of Converse shoes, to our first foray into Abercrombie (let’s just say, we sashayed right back out again)!

We’re going to offer many of the things we’re reviewing for sale through an Amazon affiliate link– but we’ll be entirely honest in our reviews, and you can judge for yourself on whether or not to purchase.  Any money earned on this blog – as with any money we earn anywhere online – goes toward our family’s next vacation!  (We don’t get out very often, so thanks in advance for anything you do purchase through Two Scoops!)

We look forward to your comments, and hope you will enjoy Two Scoops!