New Moon, Reviewed by Two

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Well, we couldn’t make it to the midnight premiere showing (Thursday night), since getting home at 3:00 on a school night isn’t allowed (much to Peaches’ chagrin), but we did see New Moon last night, on opening day. Luckily, I had purchased the tickets online ( about a week before, as all showings were sold out!

In the lobby beforehand, they were selling Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts. I asked The Peach which one she would get, and she said sternly, “Mom.” (As in, “It’s obvious, Mom. Team Edward.”)

My thoughts on the film: It was OK. If you hadn’t read the book, you might’ve thought it was stupid, because there were a lot of details left out (as with any long book made into a movie, but especially with The Twilight Saga). I thought Rob’s acting had improved quite a bit, as had Taylor Lautner’s. Kristen Stewart, not so much. (They’re just young kids, I know).

WhitePineLane: There were a few parts I really didn’t care for, like the way they portrayed the first three months after Edward left [oops, spoiler alert too late!] They showed Bella curled up on a chair staring out her window, with the season changing outside, and put “October,” “November,” “December” up on the screen as the camera did a 360° around her.

Peaches: Yeah, it was like a Power Point!

Mom [laughing]: Oh! I’m putting that in the post!

Peach: No, Mom, no! What if the cast reads it, and they’ll be all: Oh no you di’n’t!

Peaches thought another cool part was when the wolf pack killed Lauren T. (as she calls Laurent). She: “It was like: ‘Hiiiii-YAH!’  And the wolves were like… GIANT!  I hadn’t gotten that from the book!”

We disagreed regarding the difference between the book and the movie. I say Bella did not see Edward when she did dangerous things in the book; she only heard him. Peach thinks she heard him and saw him. Will have to re-read. This is definitely a series that makes me want to re-read (which is rare).

Eclipse Walking out, we saw this (left), and now we are psyched for June!