The Twilight Saga… in Chocolate

Peaches and her pile o' cakes!

The cake decorator herself!

Silly says: PopStarPeaches celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, November 11th. Although today, Saturday November 14th, she had her party. She invited 3 of her friends. Besides that, this post is about the cake that she made. Her party was Twilight themed. Her cake had the 4 Twilight series books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. They were stacked in a pile. (As I like to call it, a cake pile.) PopStarPeaches decorated the cake on the top with the cover of Twilight, as shown here.

PopStarPeaches and her friends ate the Twilight cake (the top book), but the other cakes, not yet! [Note: As of November 20th, there’s still one cake-book left!!]
The pile o' books

WhitePineLane’s Edit: Peaches designed this cake herself, as she does every year, and this year she made it and decorated it by herself. Didn’t she do a fabulous job?


Twilight: The DVD, Reviewed by three

Bella and Edward, New Moon kiss
Image by GeekMom Heather via Flickr

So, we finally saw Twilight last night, on DVD.  Our family rule is that you have to read the book before seeing the movie, and Peaches finished the book last week (and is already a third of the way through New Moon!)  Since we know there’s no way sillycoop would ever read it, and he wanted to hang out with us, he was exempted from the rule for this one!  Here’s our conversation from immediately after the movie ended.

sillycooper:  That was an AWKWARD movie!

Mom:  That was a completely awkward movie, sillycoop!  For the entire first half, I hated it!  The book was 100 times better!

Peach: Not 100 times better….

Silly:   I didn’t think I would like it; it was actually kind of good.

Mom: The scene in Science with Edward and Bella the first day wasn’t very well done.

Peach: Yeah!  It was too short!

Mom:   They didn’t do it at all like it should have been.  Edward looked… maybe slightly angry for about two minutes. They didn’t show him gripping the table or anything.

Peach:  When James, Victoria, and Lauren T. (she calls Laurent “Lauren T.”) came, that was so scary!  I thought Charlie was a lot nicer.  He was so mean in the movie.  And some people, like Erik and Tyler, looked so much different than I thought they would.

Mom: What about the music?

Peach:  The music was really good when they were playing baseball!

silly:  I didn’t really pay much attention to the music except at the end [in the credits] when they had a song by one of my favorite artists, Linkin Park.  Do you know how to spell Linkin Park, Mom?  [I do, sillycoop.]

sillycooper: Is Midnight Sun [Stephenie Meyer’s unfinished fifth book in the series, the first tweleve chapters of which have been released on her website] any good?

Mom: SO good!

silly:  What part does it end at?  [sillycoop knows that Midnight Sun is Twilight, but written entirely from Edward’s pont of view].

Mom:  In the movie, they combined two important scenes into one:  the scene in the forest where Bella tells Edward she’s figured out what he is, and the scene where they go to the meadow and Edward lets Bella see him in the sunlight.  Midnight Sun ends right before they go to the meadow.  You might like Midnight Sun, silly, since it’s from the boy’s point of view.

sillycoop:  I don’t think I’m really going to read any of them; I was just curious.

Closing thoughts and comments by Mom:

Sillycoop was spot-on in saying it was an awkward movie.  Parts of it were like a 1970s TV show (music included), and parts of it were like a 1990s jiggly, hand-held camcorder cop show.  Rob’s fake accent was god-awful (I read he based it on James Dean.  Why?  Edward is nothing like James Dean!) They would’ve been far better off just letting him speak in his normal voice – I wouldn’t even have cared if they didn’t explain it!

As far as appropriateness, the DVD is rated PG-13.  I have no problem with either of my kids reading any of the books (although we will talk – a lot – during the reading of Breaking Dawn).  The movie did seem to throw in a few extra zingers that weren’t in the book, which I thought was entirely unecessary.  They also didn’t explain a lot of things like Edward and Bella’s love for each other, which seemed to have happened in about a day in the movie, that I felt I had to explain to my son, who hadn’t read the book, and had a hard time understanding the emotions behind what was going on.

It’s always hard to turn a hit book into a movie, and this one, I think, was poorly done on many, many levels.

Our ratings, out of ten:

sillycooper:  5

Peaches:  10  I thought it was good… well, it was just a lot different!

Mom:  5

If you have to choose one or the other, read the book.  And as always, parents – you know your own child best.  There are reasons this film is PG-13.  Only you can decide if your child is mature enough to watch it, and if he or she is mature enough to read the books.

Today’s Hot Topic: Hot Topic

Hot-Topic-logoThe Peach and I were at MOA (Mall of America for those of you not from the Land of 10,000 Lakes) yesterday. As we were leaving a birthday party at American Girl, we happened to notice a Hot Topic store. I had remembered that Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) makes appearances at Hot Topic stores, but had never actually seen one, so we went in.

First, let’s note that there are probably not two more disparate places at MOA than American Girl and Hot Topic! The music was LOUD and metal (punk? I’m 47 – I don’t know what you’d call it anymore) and the sales guys were pierced. This was no well-lighted Justice, with cute Miranda Cosgove vids playing on big screens as moms and tweens shopped. However, the first thing we spied were Fred shirts on the wall… way better Fred shirts than he has on his own website. Second, a big display of Harry Potter merch, and third… Twiliiiiiiiiight! Ahhhh.

New MoonListening to the lovely music (I joked with Peach that we should get the CD…) we tried to pick our favorite Fred shirt. The sales people we actually very helpful and polite, but they didn’t have the size we needed in any of the Fred shirts. Oh well, no matter. We moved on to the incredible array of Twilight merch.

We’ll do a separate post on our latest obsession, but suffice it to say, they had lots of great Twilight stuff, even some exclusive items, and Peach was torn. Only allowed to get one thing, she ended up choosing their exclusive New Moon tee. Exciting!

We began to walk toward the back of the store, and very quickly realized the key thing you’ll want to know here: Anything a tweener would want or be interested in is in the very front corner of the store. Which is a good thing. Overall, I’d give the store high marks for having really exciting exclusive character items, and I would definitely go there again. They make it easy for you by keeping the more mainstream, younger kid items in the very front of the store. But beyond that front corner, it’s not a store for tweeners. It’s a store for punkers with copious body piercings and strange leather and fishnet outfits. Thank goodness I’m a few years away from dealing with anything like that yet! *sigh of relief*

Peaches says: The people had creepy mohawks that were dyed different colors. The store was creepy, with long necklaces and other gangsta-type stuff. I would go back there, but only for Fred stuff, Harry Potter stuff, and Twilight stuff. I loved the Twilight stuff! The music was kinda creepy too.

Mom: You said “creepy” already twice!

Peach: But that’s the description of the store!

Our conclusion: Some great stuff for tweeners, as long as you stay in the front, and you’re in and out as quickly as possible!

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